When was Fort McDowell Casino built?

We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort will replace what is currently the Fort McDowell Casino, which is still open during the new casino’s construction. The current casino started as a bingo hall in 1984, Burnette said, and has evolved into what it is today.

What tribe runs Fort McDowell casino?

The Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation is a 950-member Native American tribe which calls Central Arizona’s upper Sonoran Desert home. Our tribe, which once roamed over 12 million acres, now owns just 24,000 acres in northeastern Maricopa County 35 miles from Phoenix.

Why is Fort McDowell casino closed?

Fort McDowell Casino has implemented a new limit to its hours to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The announcement came the day after Gila River Hotels & Casinos shut down all three of its properties after a security guard died of COVID-19 on June 11. … The casino now will also require guests to wear face coverings.

Can you smoke in Fort McDowell casino?

Yes, there is a non smoking part of the casino but the smell travels everywhere.

Did Fort McDowell Casino change its name?

PHOENIX — The new We-Ko-Pa Resort Casino announced on Monday that it has officially opened its doors. … The 166,341-square-foot casino replaces the original Fort McDowell Casino that was originally opened in 1984 as a bingo hall.

Is there a new casino being built in Arizona?

A new casino will open on Gila River Indian Community land south of Chandler, the tribe recently announced. This will be the tribe’s fourth casino, allowed based on Arizona Native American tribes’ newly negotiated tribal compact with the state.

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