When did Diamond Jo casino open?

Diamond Jo Worth Casino

When was Diamond Jo casino built?

Beginning operations on May 18, 1994, the Diamond Jo was a 3-level, 305-foot (93 m), 1,500-passenger vessel in Dubuque’s Ice Harbor. The boat was a dockside that did not cruise, the casino became land-based when its new facility opened December 11, 2008.

Diamond Jo Casino.

Diamond Jo
Website diamondjo.com

Can you smoke at Diamond Jo?

Smoking still allowed – Diamond Jo Casino.

Are masks required at Diamond Jo Casino?

Based upon updated CDC guidance, masks are mandatory for non-vaccinated guests and must be worn covering your mouth and nose, including when not actively eating, drinking or smoking. Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear masks. … COVID-19 training, health screenings, and masks are provided to all Team Members.

Who is Diamond Joe?

Here’s the steamboat evidence: Joseph Reynolds (1819 – 1891) was a Chicago grain dealer who devised a logo (JO inside a diamond) to distinguish himself from another Joseph Reynolds. Dissatisfied with the shipping situation, he built a steamboat, The Diamond Jo, to haul freight on the upper Mississippi (St. Paul to St.

Do you have to wear a mask in the casino in Iowa?

Most are still requiring masks in the facilities. … Eastern Iowa casinos all say on their websites they have mask mandates and social distancing in place. Entertainment still is shut down at the Meskwaki Casino near Tama, which is not under the state commission’s regulations, and the Diamond Jo in Dubuque.

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