What is the falling action of the lottery ticket by Anton Chekhov?

Climax: Ivan finds out that his lottery ticket number does not match the winning number meaning he did not win his thought up fortune. Falling Action: Ivan dreads to live the life he lives. He blames the devil, questioning the audacity.

What is the falling action of the bet by Anton Chekhov?

The falling action in the story is that the banker is relieved that he found the letter and did not kill the man like he had planned to. The guard then told the banker that the man had escaped through the window five hours before time was up, forfeiting the money from the bet.

What is the lesson of The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov?

Answer: The theme of “The Lottery Ticket” by Anton Chekhov is the insidiously exciting but destructive nature of envy and desire for material possessions. In the exposition of Chekhov’s story, Ivan Dmitritch and his wife Masha are quite content with the existing economic state in which they reside. stay safe!

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What is the setting of the story of The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov?

The setting in “The Lottery Ticket” is the modest home of a middle class family. This is stated in the first sentence: Ivan Dmitritch, a middle class man who lived with his family on an income of twelve hundred a year and was very well satisfied with his lot, sat…

What is the main conflict of The Bet?

Anton Chekhov’s “The Bet” focuses on a conflict between a banker and a young lawyer who enter into a disagreement at a party hosted by the banker. While the banker believes that capital punishment is more humane than life imprisonment, the lawyer claims that he would choose life imprisonment over a death sentence.

What is the climax in the ninny?

Climax: “Dammit, don’t you realize I’ve been cheating you? I steal your money, and all you can say is ‘merci’!” Falling Action/Conclusion: “I apologized for playing such a cruel trick on her, and to her great suprise gave her the eigthy rubles.”

What does The Lottery Ticket symbolize?

In Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Lottery Ticket,” the wife’s lottery ticket symbolizes greed and materialistic wealth.

What did Ivan start to think when his wife said that she wanted to go abroad?

Ivan Dmitritch stopped and looked at his wife. “I should go abroad, you know, Masha,” he said. And he began thinking how nice it would be in late autumn to go abroad somewhere to the South of France… to Italy…. to India! “I should certainly go abroad too,” his wife said.

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Which best expresses how The Lottery Ticket affects Ivans opinion of his wife?

Which BEST expresses how the lottery ticket affects Ivan’s opinion of his wife? He becomes resentful of her and finds her unattractive. … He thinks his wife will spend the money too quickly.

What is the conclusion of The Lottery Ticket?

The end of the story is also interesting as Chekhov appears to be exploring the theme of satisfaction. Ivan after his train of thought concludes that he will be ostracized by his wife should she win the lottery is completely satisfied that she has not won. He regains control from his wife.

Who is a hero of The Lottery Ticket?

In his short story, “The Lottery Ticket”, he demonstrates that the mere thought of money can severely impact a personal relationship. Characters: Ivan Dmitritch – He is the major character and he is protagonist. He is from a middle-class.

What is the resolution of The Lottery Ticket?

Resolution: Tessie gets stoned to death by the villagers! She is the traditional sacrifice for that harvest season. lottery – she gets the piece of paper with the black dot!

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