What does the Wheel of Fortune mean in love?

As a card all about change, if the Wheel of Fortune comes up in a love reading, it tells you that “a new cycle is on the horizon,” Vanderveldt notes. Rather than fearing change in a relationship (or your search for a partner), she recommends getting curious and staying true to yourself.

Is the wheel of fortune a soulmate card?

With the wheel of fortune tarot love, this will show that you are about to meet someone that is the right one you should be with. That soon, you will have your chance of loving the right person and it will work both ways because it will appear that you are soulmates, and are destined to be together.

Is Queen of cups a yes or no?

To conclude, the Queen of Cups is a generally positive tarot card that leans more towards a ‘yes‘ answer to your question. The main keywords for this card are ’empathy’, ‘femininity’ and ‘wisdom’. … With regards to a love related ‘yes or no’ tarot reading, the Queen of Cups can generally be interpreted as a ‘yes’ answer.

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