Frequent question: How much money did the banker offer to the lawyer in the bet?

The banker will pay the lawyer two million dollars if he completes 15 years of solitary confinement. The banker at first offers two million dollars for five years of solitary, but the young man says he would do 15 years for that amount, at which point, the banker agrees.

Does the banker kill the lawyer in the bet?

The Banker Timeline and Summary

The banker remembers a party he threw fifteen years ago where he turned an argument about the death penalty into a bet that a lawyer couldn’t stay in voluntary solitary confinement for fifteen years. … The banker decides to murder the lawyer.

Did the lawyer take the money in the bet?

The banker was worried at the beginning of the bet that he would lose the bet. The banker was a desperate man when he planned to kill the lawyer. The lawyer won the bet.

What bet does the banker make with the lawyer?

In Chekhov’s short story “The Bet,” the terms of the bet are that the lawyer will stay in prison for fifteen years and the banker will “wager two million” (92). While the lawyer is in prison, he can have no human contact, but he can have “anything necessary–books, music, wine–” and anything else he requests (92).

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How much money did the banker bet?

The host of the party where the death penalty vs. life imprisonment debate happens, the banker bets the lawyer two million dollars to stay in solitary confinement for fifteen years.

Why did the banker regret making the bet?

The banker comes to realize that he was wrong about his stance on life imprisonment. The banker mourns the life and experiences that he has deprived the lawyer of. The banker regrets placing the bet and thinks it was a stupid idea in the first place.

What does the lawyer realize at the end of the bet?

The lawyer learns that his sweeping statement that life on any terms is better than death is not true. In the end of the story, “The Bet,” the lawyer despairs of life, and he reneges on the wager with banker.

Why do lawyers surrender 2 million dollars?

The lawyer initially made the bet because he wanted to win a fortune and live in luxury for the rest of his life. Once he found himself in solitary confinement, he realized that he would have to work hard at something in order to keep from going crazy.

Which does the banker consider more human?

The banker values personal pride, power, material possessions, and money. In all things, the banker is a powerful man. He would choose the death penalty as being the most humane simply because it would be better than dying by degrees.

What is the moral of the story the bet?

The moral of Anton Chekhov’s “The Bet” is that materialism and material wealth ultimately means nothing.

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What does the banker think when he sees the lawyer sleeping at the table?

In “The Bet,” when the banker sees the lawyer sleeping at the table, he thinks that the lawyer is a pitiful figure, and he feels sorry for him. This alone, however, does not deter the banker from his plan to kill the lawyer.

Why does the narrator call the bet wild and senseless?

It is the banker who, after the passage of fifteen years, thinks of the original bet as wild and senseless. And this wild, senseless bet was carried out! It is wild and senseless on the banker’s part because he is putting up two million rubles against nothing.

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