Can I keep my old postcode lottery if I move?

Make sure you complete a postcode lottery change of address the week you move into your new home. In the rare event that your previous address’ postcode is called before you have changed address it is unlikely they will hold that against you.

Can I use a different postcode for postcode lottery?

If the “new” postcode is selected in a Draw, the Players with the “new” postcode in their Ticket Number would be winners in that Draw and those with the “old” postcode in their Ticket Number would not (unless the “old” postcode had also been drawn), and vice versa.

How do I change the address on my postcode lottery?

You can register updates to all your personal information by calling us on freephone number 0808 109 8765. You can also email requests of this type to If you are seeking any changes to your account, please note your full name, address and date of birth in your email.

Is postcode lottery regulated?

Postcode Lottery Limited is incorporated in England and Wales and is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission (licence numbers 000-000829-N-102511 and 000-000829-R-102513). See licence status here.

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Has anyone won the postcode lottery twice?

You never know when a big win is coming your way. Neighbours in Patchway were amazed when their postcode netted them £30,000 Street Prizes twice in just seven months!

How many houses are in a postcode area?

How many premises are in a postcode? Each postcode covers an average of about 15 properties. However, this is not a definitive number, where postcodes can hold up to 100.

Can two people from the same household play postcode lottery?

You can sign up to play People’s Postcode Lottery with one, two or three tickets (one, two or three subscriptions). In our Saturday and Sunday Street Prizes, every ticket in one lucky postcode wins £30,000. … The more tickets you play with, the greater your share of the total prize fund.

Can I just cancel my postcode lottery direct debit?

If you would like to stop playing, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply cancel your Direct Debit with your bank, or call us on freephone number 0808 109 8765. People’s Postcode Lottery will not request payment for any future draws.

Can you change your postcode?

Royal Mail does not normally change postcodes unless there is a pressing operational reason to do so,” a spokesman says. … The Royal Mail’s Code of Practice states that postcodes can be altered in “exceptional circumstances” if there is evidence that all those affected are in favour.

How often is the postcode lottery drawn?

Each month, we have draws which allocate prizes for every day of that month. Our £30,000 Street Prize winners are revealed every Saturday and Sunday. We usually announce the full winning postcode in our Postcode Millions draws on a Saturday too.

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Do you get an email if you win postcode lottery?

Winners are notified by email, SMS message, letter or phonecall depending on the prize you won. If you win a Street Prize or get lucky in our Postcode Millions, we’ll ring or write to you.

Why do people win different amounts in postcode lottery?

The prizes advertised are drawn first. If, because of the number of players in the winning postcodes, this amounts to less than 40% of the money raised through ticket sales for that draw, we will usually keep drawing more postcodes to win more £10 prizes.

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