Your question: What’s the point of dice towers?

A dice tower is a tool used by gamers to roll dice fairly. Dice are dropped into the top of the tower, and bounce off of various hidden platforms inside it before emerging from the front. Dice towers eliminate some methods of cheating which may be performed when rolling dice by hand.

Is a dice tower necessary?

Many board games in production don’t come with a dice tower but would greatly benefit from it. Whether it’s the sheer number of rolls per turn, or the risk of players unknowingly “cheating”, a dice tower can eliminate all of that.

How well do dice towers work?

Dice in a dice tower are contained. They prevent dice from scattering across the game boards and knocking over pieces or expensive miniatures. Dice rolls from a dice tower are truly random. They prevent players from manipulating the dice rolls, or even having those accusations brought up.

Do dice towers damage dice?

In essence, no, dice towers are perfectly fine and don’t damage the dice anymore than rolling on a wood table does.

How does a dice tower work cheat?

A dice tower uses baffles, angles, and other objects to deflect dice through its vertical structure to create random outcomes in the tray at the bottom. The key is for the tower to be complex enough to deflect dice through it so that the outcomes cannot be manipulated in the dice roller’s favor.

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How tall is a dice tower?

The standard size for a dice tower is often 6 inches to a foot tall.

What is it to manipulate or cheat at dice?

Cheating at dice rolls is when players intentionally alter the result of a roll in order to get a different effect in their game.

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