What lesson do you learn from the story a game of chance?

He is tempted to try his luck at a shop. He is too innocent to see through the shopkeeper’s trick. He loses all his little money in that game of chance. He learnt the lesson that he can be easily be fooled and robbed of his money by witty shopkeepers.

How did Uncle explain the game of chance?

Uncle told Rasheed that the lucky shop man had made fool of him. The old man and the boy who won costly things were, in fact, the shopkeeper’s friends. It was all a trick to tempt the customers.

What is Organised on the occasion of Eid a game of chance?

Answer: (i) A fair was organised on Eid. (ii) Shops were set up by tradesmen for sale of goods.

What happened when Uncle left them in the fair?

Rasheed’s uncle left him to look around the fair with the servant and instructed him neither to buy anything nor to go too far in his absence. Rasheed gave him a word to do the same. Rasheed and the servant took a round of the fair and stopped before the Lucky Shop.

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What happened to the crow in the end class 6?

(i) In the end, the crow got bitten by the cobra and it fell dead.

Why was Rasheed upset 6?

Rasheed was upset because he had hopes of winning a big prize and he continued trying his luck again and again. … The shopkeeper made a fool of Rasheed by making him believe that it was luck that got the old man and the boy their prizes.

Is game a chance?

a game in which the outcome is determined by chance rather than by the skill of its players, as roulette.

What was Vijay Singh’s weakness?

Ans: Vijay Singh was a wrestler. He was proud of his physical strength. His chief weakness was that he was boastful. He wanted to meet a ghost and teach him a lesson.

Who were the good friends in Fair Play?

JUMMAN Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry were good friends. So strong was their bond of friendship that when either of them went away from the village, the other looked after his family. Both were greatly respected in the village.

What did Uncle warn the narrator?

What did Uncle warn the narrator? Answer: Uncle warned the narrator not to buy anything nor to go far out while he was away.

Why does the child want to be a hawker?

When he looks at the hawker, he wishes he could also spend his day on the road crying “Bangles, crystal bangles!” He feels that there is nothing to hurry the hawker on. … Therefore, he wants to be a hawker, a gardener, and a watchman so that he could do all the things they did as he could not do them being a child.

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