Question: Does BET have a news program?

A news program that aired daily on the Black Entertainment Television network, covering headlining and breaking news that impacts the African-American community.

Does BET have a news show?

BET News Presents 50: The March & The Movement.

What happened to the BET channel?

It was announced on 30 March 2021 that BET would shut down as a linear TV channel on 8 April 2021, moving its content to My5 and Pluto TV.

How do I stream live BET?

If you’re a cord-cutter or want to watch online, you can live stream “The 2021 BET Awards” on Philo or Fubo TV. Each streaming service offers a seven-day free trial.

How much is Debra Lee Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Debra L Lee is at least $2.19 Million dollars as of 15 September 2017.

Does BET stand for?

BET. Black Entertainment Television network. Community » News & Media.

How do I find programs on My5?

If you are signed in to your My5 account you can see what content you’ve viewed in the Recently Watched section. New to My5 from September, we now offer a selection of programmes from BLAZE for 30 days. The Last Chance offers you a selection of episodes that are disappearing from My5 within the next 6 days.

How do I get free bet plus?

How to sign up for BET Plus

  1. Visit the BET+ website and click “Start your free trial.”
  2. Provide an email address and password and click “Agree and Continue.”
  3. Provide your card information and click “Subscribe.”
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Does My5 cost money?

Yes. All of the shows we offer on My5 are free to watch, including those from our archive. You can watch shows as many times and on as many devices as you wish, for as long as they’re available.

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