How much does Parx Casino pay employees?

The average Parx Casino salary ranges from approximately $93,119 per year for a Table Games Dealer to $93,119 per year for a Table Games Dealer. The average Parx Casino hourly pay ranges from approximately $26 per hour for a Table Games Dealer to $16 per hour for a Cage Cashier.

What does PARX CASINO pay?

Parx Casino in Bensalem once again reigned as the state’s biggest-grossing casino, reporting $603 million in revenue. It reigned again as champion in slot-machine revenue, generating $411 million in 2018, up 6 percent.

How much does a casino staff make?

Casino Dealer Salaries

Job Title Salary
Crown Entertainment Casino Dealer salaries – 1 salaries reported $39/hr
Crown Resorts Casino Table Games Dealer salaries – 2 salaries reported $27/hr
Star Entertainment Group Casino Table Games Dealer salaries – 2 salaries reported $26/hr

Does working at a casino pay well?

Working in a casino is a great way to earn money and gain experience in the hospitality industry. Many casino jobs also pay well, and some positions offer flexible working hours. …

How much do casino tellers make?

Hourly Wage for Cage Cashier – Casino Salary

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Percentile Hourly Pay Rate Location
10th Percentile Cage Cashier – Casino Salary $11 US
25th Percentile Cage Cashier – Casino Salary $13 US
50th Percentile Cage Cashier – Casino Salary $16 US
75th Percentile Cage Cashier – Casino Salary $20 US

What are the highest paying jobs in a casino?

Top 6 high paying casino jobs

  1. Director of Operations. This is one of the most responsible casino jobs. …
  2. Shift Manager. Shift managers also have a lot of responsibilities, but those are primarily centered around the gaming floor. …
  3. Internal Auditor. …
  4. Security Manager. …
  5. Casino Property General Manager. …
  6. Slot Operations Manager.

Does PARX CASINO have a dress code?

4 answers. Hello Barb – Parxgrill suggests that the dress code is business casual. … I have seen people with shorts in there, and I have dined at Parx Grill before. It is not as classy as most casino steak houses or restaurants, period.

Is working in a casino a good job?

Casino jobs can be exciting and lucrative. … Some jobs may have a base wage of minimum wage but they’re usually jobs that include tips. This allows the employee to make a lot more money than a normal person would on minimum wage. One of the best things about working at a casino is the way they promote their employees.

What jobs make the most money in Las Vegas?

Detailed List Of Highest Paying Jobs In Las Vegas

Rank Job Title Entry Level Salary
1 Pediatricians, General $162,550
2 Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers $117,800
3 Physicians, All Other; and Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric $90,920
4 Dentists, General $91,890
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How do you get a job at a casino?

Basic requirements for employment consideration generally include a high school diploma and certification through a state gaming commission training program. Casinos hire workers 18 and over for manager jobs, although some casinos may only hire applicants 21 and older.

How much money does a casino make a day?

The average daily revenue of a single casino made up $1.8 million with $634.5 thousand coming from the gaming bets. In the 2019 fiscal year, 169 large casinos in Las Vegas reported total revenues of nearly $22 billion.

What degree do you need to be a casino manager?

To become a casino manager, you need experience in the gaming, hotel, or hospitality industry. Though no formal education is required, a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, hospitality, or business is increasingly common. Additional qualifications include business and management experience.

Do casino bartenders make good money?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $76,191 and as low as $11,306, the majority of Casino Bartender salaries currently range between $16,712 (25th percentile) to $28,510 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $45,714 annually in California.

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