How do I use my free bet on Premier Bet?

How do I use my free bet on bet?

How do I use a Free Bet?

  1. Log into your Betway account.
  2. Click the Sport or Live tab.
  3. Select your preferred bet.
  4. Click on “Use My Free Bet”
  5. Confirm your bet.

How do I use my Premier bet bonus?

Start your amazing journey with Premier bet and get 200% first deposit bonus on your favourite sports!

  1. Step 1: Register with us!
  2. Step 2: Go to make a deposit and select “Active bonus” when making your first deposit.
  3. Step 3: Enjoy your bonus! REGISTER NOW.

How does a free bet work?

Free bets, as listed above, are the most straightforward bonus. You usually get a set amount of money to bet when you deposit and that money can’t be redeemable for cash. For example, if you bet the free $5 and lose, that money is gone. If you bet $5 and profit another $5, you’ll be up $5 in real money.

How do I use my free bet on 365?

To use your Free In-Play Bet, simply add an In-Play selection to the bet slip once the game starts, and select the ‘Use Free Bet’ option next to that selection.

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Can you cash out free bets on bet365?

You can create a request for your bet to automatically Cash Out entirely or for a partial amount, where the Cash Out amount offered reaches a chosen value, using the icon to the right of the Cash Out button on the bet slip. … bet365 cannot guarantee that the Cash Out feature will be available on your bet selection.

How do I withdraw money from Premier Bet?

How to withdraw my money using Voucher option

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on WITHDRAW.
  3. Click on Voucher option.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Click SUBMIT.
  6. Once your withdrawal request has been approved, you will be able to find your Voucher code on the My Transfers page.

How do I withdraw my Premier Bet bonus?

Voucher »

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Open the drop-down menu at the top of the page and select Withdrawals.
  3. Enter the amount to withdraw.
  4. Select the Voucher option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select Withdrawal.

What is cash out in Premier Bet?

If you choose to Cash Out your bet, this amount will be settled and the final result relating to your bet will have no impact on the amount returned to your account. … Pressing the ‘Cash Out’ icon will immediately process the settlement of your bet at the Cash Out amount displayed.

What happens if you win on a free bet?

If your bet wins, your profit will be transferred into your main wallet. The original free bet stake is not returned to you. If your total bet stake is larger than the value of your available free bet, the remaining bet value will be made up of your real cash balance where possible.

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Can you make money from free bets?

Following your first or ‘qualifying’ real money bet, you will then be awarded the free bet by the bookmaker. This is where the profit is made. Quite simply, you repeat the process: bet using the free bet and then lay the bet. Whatever the result you will be in profit (which I’ll be demonstrating below).

What happens if you push a free bet?

You will simply lose your free bet. … The free bet cannot be used on another promotion as you may only use real cash on this. If you use a real cash money and this was voided then you will receive a refund for this bet. You may not qualify on the said promotion since it was voided.

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