Frequent question: Who is the realtor on my lottery dream home?

David Bromstad
Bromstad in 2010
Born August 17, 1973 Cokato, Minnesota
Education Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida
Occupation Interior designer TV personality

How much does David make on my lottery dream house?

David eventually landed at HGTV where he hosted a variety of shows, including “My Lottery Dream Home” — for which he reportedly earns a $500,000 salary, having earned $30,000 for his other shows (via One World Information).

Is lottery dream home staged?

The show is staged

The Lottery winners are real people from average backgrounds. They are in search of a dream home, but how much of what viewers see is staged and what events happen naturally. We don’t see them spending as much time on camera with the real estate agent as you would if you were seriously house hunting.

How do I contact David bromstad?

David Bromstad’s Phone Number


Are Rick and Lorie Knudsen still married?

The owner, Rick Knudsen, won the $180 million California Mega Millions jackpot in 2014, quit his job, and bought the $5.5 million home, which wasn’t … In the past, Lorie has also been known as Lorie Jayne Knudsen, Lori Jayne Knudsen and Lorie J Knudsen. In both forms of media, she is married to Rick Grimes.

Is David on Love It or List married?

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