Frequent question: Does Dongtae get his dice back?

Things go downhill from there. New Dicers and wannabes start harming each other in their quest for Dice. … Regardless of that, Dongtae saves her again, activating the Die in the process and thus acquiring Time Pause.

Who gets the final dice in dice?

Dicer Ranks

The S-Ranker is the Dicer that has conquered the last Dice and can change the world at will. X appears to be an S-Ranker himself, currently owning the Last Dice, and seemingly having control over all 6 A-Ranker dice.

Will Dongtae end up with Eunjoo?

They never get together. IN Season 4 Dongtae and Mio are dating and are together, but Dongtae still appears to have emotions for Eunju.

Will Dice become an anime?

No, it doesn’t have an anime. The closest thing to it would be the animated videos they made for the release and Game of Dice 2.0.

Who is Mooyoung?

Mooyoung real name is Kim Mooyoung. is a major antagonist in the series, the character who has been a Dicer the longest so far and the most powerful A-Ranker. A former friend and mentor figure to Taebin, who received his first Die from him, Mooyoung’s main goal is to become the S-Ranker by defeating X.

Does dice have a light novel?

DICE: THE CUBE THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING Novel, 386 Wish You Were Here – Novel Cool – Best online light novel reading website.

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