You asked: Can I bet online in Spain?

To bet online legally in Spain, you must open an account with an internet bookmaker that uses a . es domain name and is licensed by the Spanish gambling regulator, Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ). … It should also be easy to find their sports betting license details.

Does Spain allow online gambling?

The online gambling industry in Spain is now as tightly regulated as you will find anywhere in the world. All companies wishing to take on Spanish customers must have a licence, and this applies to all forms of gambling mentioned above.

Bet365 in Europe

They are available in many countries, such as UK, Austria, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria, Norway, etc.

Can you bet on sports in Spain?

Is sports betting legal in Spain? Yes, sports betting is 100% legal if you are over 18 years old and use a licensed online betting site.

Can you use William Hill in Spain?

In addition to the licence they hold in the UK, the bookmaker is licensed in several other countries, including Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, the USA (Nevada and Delaware only) and Australia. As a result of these licences, William Hill is legit in over 70 countries.

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Is gambling tax free in Spain?

Spread betting winings are treated as general income and taxed at rates up to 48% (depending on which region of Spain), instead of the investment income maximum tax rate of 26% (23% to 31/12/2020).

When did Spain legalize online gambling?

Several years ago, there were no specific regulations of online gambling in Spain. The beginning was set more than a decade ago, in 2002, when regulation and legalization of web-based gambling in the country was first established.

Can I use Betfred in Spain?

Betfred has this morning confirmed that it will enter the regulated Spanish gambling market, having secured DGOJ licences to operate online B2C sportsbook and casino services. … “There is clearly a real passion for sport especially football in Spain and we share that passion here at Betfred.

Can I use Ladbrokes in Spain?

You can bet in Australia, Belgium and Spain, but only through the local Ladbrokes site – note that you would need a residential address to be able to do this. Personally my favourite for betting abroad when available.

Can I use Betfair in Spain?

Great news for fans of La Liga as well as the Spanish national team, betting with Betfair is legal in Spain.

Can you use Paddy Power in Spain?

An app called a VPN allows you to change what country you’re in. So if for example you’re in Spain and you want to access the UK version of the Paddy Power website a VPN allows you to appear as if you are in the UK. … We’ll use the UK as an example but you can connect to your home country if it isn’t the UK.

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Can I use William Hill abroad?

From betting on sports to simply playing slots, William Hill has it all. Unfortunately if you try to access your home account while you’re abroad you’ll either be completely blocked or you’ll be pushed to the local version of the website.

Does VPN work for William Hill?

William Hill is blocked – bypass with these steps

First, choose a reputable VPN provider. For unblocking websites ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhost are three good choices.

Does smarkets work abroad?

2.2 Persons who are residents of; or persons who are located in countries where betting with Smarkets is prohibited (including, but not necessarily limited to Australia, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, China, South Africa, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Turkey, the United States, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Belarus, …

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