Who won Powerball in Iowa?

Anton Garrett, 48, bought five Powerball plays on one ticket for Saturday’s drawing, according to a news release from the Iowa Lottery. On one of those plays, he won a $21 prize. On another, he won $2 million. “I always dreamed I would win,” Garrett said in the news release.

Who won lottery in Iowa?

November 2018: Lerynne West, of Redfield, claimed Iowa’s largest lottery prize to date — $343.9 million. West’s ticket, and one sold in New York, matched the winning numbers 8, 12, 13, 19 and 27, and Powerball 4.

Where was Saturday’s winning Powerball ticket sold?

Saturday’s winning ticket was purchased at The Clark House, 3590 Valley View Road, Clark, and matched all five white balls drawn, 15-22-38-54-66, to win $1 million. The location earns a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Which Iowa Lottery game has the best odds?

Iowa Lottery Scratchers with Best Odds

  • Lucky 7’s (Odds: 1 out of 7.10)
  • 9s In A Line Small (Odds: 1 out of 7.90)
  • Neon Letters (Odds: 1 out of 6.25)
  • Struck By Luck (Odds: 1 out of 6.67)
  • Power 10s (Odds: 1 out of 5.00)
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Is lottery Haram in Islam?

anything that you did not work for is Haram. Lottery, gambling (of all kinds), betting on anything. the exception to this rule is: gifts, unless given to you because of a position (in other words, a bribe)

Did anybody hit the Powerball?

The Powerball jackpot for Saturday’s lottery drawing has climbed to an estimated $238 million with a cash option of $159.8 million. Saturday’s winning numbers were: 6, 14, 38, 39, and 65. The Power Ball drawn was 6 with a Megaplier of 3X. No one across the country hit Wednesday’s $221 million jackpot.

Who hit the Powerball June 2021?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Winning numbers were selected Wednesday, June 30, in the Powerball drawing for an estimated $88 million jackpot. The Powerball numbers are 24-29-50-65-66 Powerball 14 Power Play 4x. The Classic Lotto numbers are 5-16-38-44-48-49 Kicker 356095.

What Iowa scratch tickets have the best odds?

Top 10 IA Lottery Scratch Off Odds

Rank Game Name Overall Odds
1 Win Big 1 in 2.38
2 Xtreme Winnings 1 in 2.39
3 Super 20s 1 in 2.40
4 Lucky Numbers Game Book 1 in 2.51

Are more expensive scratch offs better?

Buying expensive scratch cards increases your chances of winning because the price point of each ticket can be afforded by fewer players. Thus, the probability of you striking gold is much higher with expensive scratch cards than playing penny scratch-offs tickets.

What lottery tickets have the best odds?

The chance of winning secondary prizes is also not the same in every lottery and that’s because each lottery has different lottery odds.

Best Odds of Winning the Lottery Prizes.

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Lottery Odds of Winning any Prize
Italy SuperEnalotto 1 in 20
Mega Millions 1 in 24
Powerball 1 in 25
EuroJackpot 1 in 26

Is Dubai big ticket haram?

Many labelled the prize a form of gambling and therefore haram. A Saudi man who was on a trip to Dubai won one million dollars through the UAE’s Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw. According to Arabian Business, the winner, Mohammad Al Hajeri, had purchased the winning ticket over the internet earlier in May.

Is investing money haram?

Providing that you don’t ignore the interests of other people when you are investing, accumulating wealth through stocks is not considered haram. The following points form the foundations of Shariah-compliant stock investment: Commitment to profit-sharing. Prohibition of riba (exploitation)

Is Big Ticket genuine?

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