What happens to bets if Medina spirit is disqualified?

No, bets on Medina Spirit will not change if Kentucky Derby winner is disqualified. Although Medina Spirit may lose the title of Kentucky Derby winner, those who bet on the horse will keep their winnings even if he’s disqualified.

What happens to winnings if Medina Spirit is disqualified?

A: Unfortunately, you’re out of luck again. Even if Medina Spirit is disqualified, all pari-mutuel wagers were settled once the race became official.

What happens to your bet if a horse is disqualified?

Match Bets

Bets are settled on the official result. If both horses finish in the same position, dead heat rules will apply. If one horse in a match fails to complete, or takes the wrong course, the other will be considered to have won the match. If neither horse finishes, bets will be void.

Why was winner of Kentucky Derby disqualified?

Medina Spirit had failed a post-race drug test last month and its Derby victory could be disqualified by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. The colt’s second failed test showed the presence of a type of steroid known as betamethasone, said W. Craig Robertson III, an attorney for the horse’s owner, in a statement.

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What did Medina Spirit test positive for?

Baffert announced May 9 that Medina Spirit had tested positive for 21 picograms of betamethasone, a measurement based on a milliliter of blood. “A horse has upwards of 50,000 milliliters of blood in the body,” said Dr. Mary Scollay, the executive director of the Lexington-based Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.

Do you get money back if horse is disqualified?

But for bettors, this year’s Derby is over and the rules are the same as they always were: If your horse is disqualified immediately after a race, you lose your bet. But if the disqualification comes a day, a week or four years later, you get to keep your winnings. Victor Mather covers every sport for The Times.

Can settled bets be reversed?

If a market is to be voided but has been part-settled as a courtesy to Paddy Power customers, then such part-settled bets will be reversed and all bets on the market will be void.

Why did horse get disqualified?

Maximum Security was disqualified from winning the 2019 Kentucky Derby for dangerously impeding the paths of others, but the last time a horse was dethroned for a prohibited substance was Dancer’s Image in 1968. … To this day, probably over 90% of the race horses in the country use bute, sometimes only as a precaution.”

Did Medina Spirit fail the second drug test?

Horse racing-Medina Spirit’s failed drug test confirmed, trainer suspended. … Baffert’s lawyer confirmedearlier on Wednesday a second sample taken from Medina Spirit found the anti-inflammatory drug betamethasone at a prohibited level.

What is going on with Medina Spirit?

2021 Preakness Stakes: Medina Spirit’s failed post-Kentucky Derby drug test overshadows all. … The 2021 Preakness Stakes transformed the moment Bob Baffert stepped in front of his barn Sunday and announced that Medina Spirit had tested positive for an anti-inflammatory drug after his victory in the Kentucky Derby.

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