What does 0 mean in betting?

With the Away 0 bet, a player can win, lose or return money depending on the outcome of a match. The bet is good because it gives an opportunity to return money in case when a draw is fixed in a match (half).

What does o mean in betting?

An over–under or over/under (O/U) bet is a wager in which a sportsbook will predict a number for a statistic in a given game (usually the combined score of the two teams), and bettors wager that the actual number in the game will be either higher or lower than that number. …

What is handicap 0 in football betting?

Handicap Home 0 means the handicap of hosts with zero.

The bet on hosts with a zero handicap will allow a handicapper not to lose money in an event that hosts win or end up in a draw. Depending on the outcome of a match, a capper can either win by the bookmaker’s odds, or return the bet, or lose.

What does a 0.0 spread mean in soccer?

This means that half your bet ($50) is on them with a -0.5 line and the other $50 of your bet is on them with a 0.0 line. If Brazil wins the game you win on both bets. If the game ends in a draw your -0.5 side loses and your 0.0 side is a push. You get $50 refunded.

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What does 0.0 Spread mean?

A line that is +0 means you get your money back if the game ends in a draw.

Is it better to bet the over or under?

If you take the over, you will be betting that MORE than 41 points will be scored in the game. If you take the under, you will be betting that LESS than 41 points will be scored in the game. Now, it does not matter which team scores the points. … If you bet the over, you are hoping for a high-scoring game.

What happens if over under is tied?

In sports betting, a push is the result of a tie between the bettor and the sportsbook. The bettor is refunded their money, and doesn’t lose any juice.

What does handicap +2 mean?

Handicap Home -2 means handicap of hosts minus two point zero. It implies the forecast that hosts must win in a chosen sport event. It’s worth noting that the final result of a match is taken away 2 goals/points.

What is goal handicap?

It is a term commonly used in football betting circles to describe a handicap betting market in which one of the teams concedes a predetermined number of goals to the other. … The bookies will set the market at an agreed number of goals start and this will be added to the final score at the end of the match.

What does over 1.75 goals mean?

Over 1.75 means the total goals more than 1.75.

The odds remain unchanged. Calculation of the Over 1.75 bet in a betting shop: Winning: For a successful outcome of the bet on the Asian total it’s enough that at least 3 goals are scored in a match. … Winning and expense: The Over 1.75 bet has several border outcomes.

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What does +0.5 handicap mean?

Asian Handicap betting with the half line +0.5 means that the team you bet on starts the match with a positive Asian Handicap value of a 0.5 goal lead. This means you win if the team you placed a bet on wins or if there’s a draw. If the team loses, you’ll lose your bet.

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