How do I change my bet slider on PokerStars mobile?

The bet slider options are a great way of customizing the bet slider and allow you to quickly bet your preferred amount. From the main lobby, go to: More → Settings → Gameplay → Bet Slider.

How do I change my bet size on PokerStars?

Re: Bet sizing customization Pokerstars? Settings –> Gameplay –> Bet Slider. When you choose “Big Blind” (for pre) or “% of Pot” (for post) you can enter your own custom amounts.

How do I change my lobby layout on PokerStars?

If you’re looking for a little change in the way you play at PokerStars, getting the new lobby is easy. Open the PokerStars software, log-in, click “View,” and then click on “Lobby Themes.” Select the “Black Theme” option and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

How do I make a PokerStars mobile tournament?

When the ‘Create a Poker Club Tournament‘ window pops-up, a number of customizable options will appear, allowing you to personalize the event to your liking.

To set up a private tournament, select:

  1. ‘Manage Games’
  2. ‘Manage Tournaments
  3. Create a Tournament…’

How do you increase blinds in PokerStars?

To turn the feature on, players must opt-in in via the Table Display section in the PokerStars client settings. From then on, you will be able to toggle back and forth between showing stacks in big blinds and stacks in chips.

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How do you size a bet in poker?

Bet Sizing after the Flop

A good rule of thumb is to bet somewhere between 50% and 100% of the total number of chips in the pot. With this ratio, you can often get worse hands to call, better hands to fold. Example 2: If the total number of chips in the pot is 50, you could bet between 25 to 50 chips.

Where is the main lobby on PokerStars?

If you would like to look for an additional game, locate another friend or perform any other browsing, click on View Lobby in the upper right of a table or Poker Lobby in any tournament lobby and the main lobby will come back up.

Where is the More menu on PokerStars?

To expand all the menus, just click on the ↓↓ located right below the dropdown menu. Then to collapse them all, click on the ↓↓ again.

Are PokerStars home games free?

It’s called Home Games. It’s free to use and it’s really easy to set up. Download the poker software then follow these simple steps to get started: 1) In the main lobby, select the ‘More’ menu then ‘Home Games’.

Can you play PokerStars without money?

To get started playing for free: Download our free, secure software and create your new Stars Account. Select ‘Play Money‘ in the software (you can play for free in both the desktop and mobile software) Take your pick from the web’s largest choice of free ring games, tournaments, Sit & Go’s and more!

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How does PokerStars payout?

Money and PayPal will be processed immediately and the funds will appear in your account within a few minutes. Withdrawals processed to MuchBetter, ecoPayz, NETELLER, Skrill, INSTADEBIT, Yandex. Money and PayPal that are above the total amount deposited will usually be processed within one hour.

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