Has anyone won the lottery in Florida?

The mystery winner is Florida’s 16th jackpot winner in the multistate lottery game. Back in March, a 23-year-old Florida man won a $235 million Powerball jackpot. Thomas Yi of Land O’ Lakes went home a lump-sum payment of over $160 million.

Did anyone win the lottery in Florida?

The winning numbers were 44-52-54-64-69 and the Powerball was 26. The Circle K that sold the ticket will collect a $100,000 bonus commission. The lucky winner hit those numbers on a quick pick and will become Florida’s 16th Powerball jackpot winner.

Is the Florida lottery rigged?

How do I know Florida Lottery drawings are not rigged? The Lottery is a fair and honest business that is highly scrutinized, audited and observed. The utmost in security and auditing procedures are in operation with each drawing to ensure the highest level of integrity possible.

What Pick 3 numbers hit the most?

Numbers Most Drawn for Play 3

Number Frequency Drawn
1 477 29.63%
3 465 28.88%
7 453 28.14%
5 444 27.58%

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in Florida?

The Internal Revenue Service requires that the Florida Lottery withhold 24 percent federal withholding tax from prizes greater than $5,000 if the winner is a citizen or resident alien of the U.S. with a Social Security number.

Which Florida Lottery game has the best odds?

The Top Florida Lottery Scratchers With The Best Odds

  • Florida 100X The Cash (Odds: 1 out of 2.59)
  • $15,000,000 Gold Special Ed. ( Odds: 1 out of 2.60)
  • Fastest Road to $1,000,000 (Odds: 1 out of 2.79)
  • Lucky $200,000 A Year For Life (Odds: 1 out of 2.94)
  • $5,000,000 Luck (Odds: 1 out of 2.97)
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