Frequent question: How the Lottery shows the danger of blindly following tradition?

The village lottery culminates in a violent murder each year, a bizarre ritual that suggests how dangerous tradition can be when people follow it blindly. … The villagers’ blind acceptance of the lottery has allowed ritual murder to become part of their town fabric.

What does the lottery tell us about tradition?

Yet, subtle hints throughout the story, as well as its shocking conclusion, indicate that the villagers’ tradition has become meaningless over time. What’s particularly important about tradition in “The Lottery” is that it appears to be eternal: no one knows when it started, and no one can guess when it will end.

What does it mean to blindly follow a tradition?

4) Blindly following a forgotten tradition

For instance, numerous objects that are used in the original tradition are lost or renewed and/or replaced. The narrator tells that “Because so much of the ritual had been forgotten or discarded, Mr.

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What does Jackson seem to be saying about people who blindly follow tradition in the story the lottery?

Jackson emphasizes that senseless nature of the lottery by mentioning the various aspects of the tradition that were lost to time and the fact that the ritual is based on an ancient superstitious belief.

What is Jackson saying about the dangers of blind obedience and tradition in the lottery?

Throughout “The Lottery,” Jackson seems to emphasize the human capacity for cruelty and how a blind tradition can be devastating, as the villagers’ blind obedience and acceptance of the lottery permits ritual murder as an important part of their lives, which link families from generation to generation.

Why are the children happy in the lottery?

Why are the children happy? They have won the lottery. Their family has been chosen for the lottery. This is the town’s final lottery.

What is the main message of the lottery?

The main themes in “The Lottery” are the vulnerability of the individual, the importance of questioning tradition, and the relationship between civilization and violence. The vulnerability of the individual: Given the structure of the annual lottery, each individual townsperson is defenseless against the larger group.

What are some bad traditions?

Harmful traditional practices

  • Early child marriage. Child marriage is an issue that is pervasive still across many countries due to economic, social and cultural norms. …
  • Female genital mutilation. …
  • Corporal punishment. …
  • Scarification.

What point is The Lottery making about traditions rules and human behavior?

Answer Expert Verified. The lottery states that people are willing to sacrifice their hard earned money for the very slim chance of profiting. Many people believe that if they play the lottery every week or if they play the same numbers (tradition) that they will eventually win.

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What does the black box symbolize in The Lottery?

The Black Box

The shabby black box represents both the tradition of the lottery and the illogic of the villagers’ loyalty to it. The black box is nearly falling apart, hardly even black anymore after years of use and storage, but the villagers are unwilling to replace it.

Which quote from the Lottery best illustrates?

The correct answer and the quote that best illustrates the story’s that following tradition blindly can be hazarous is C. “Althought the villagers had forgotten the ritual and lost the original black box, they still remember to use stones.”

How does the lottery affect Tessie Hutchinson and her family at the end of the story?

Answer: Near the end of “The Lottery,” Bill draws the slip with the black spot in the first round, which means that someone in his family will be stoned to death. This immediately begins to cause tension within the family and between Bill’s wife Tessie and some of people in the assembled crowd.

How does the town respond to Mrs Hutchinson’s lateness?

When Mrs. Hutchinson shows up late, she arrives at the back of the crowd and stands next to Mrs. Delacroix. She tells her she forgot what day it was, and they both softly laughed.

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