What tribe is Little Creek Casino?

Proudly owned and operated by the Squaxin Island Tribe, Little Creek Casino Resort is situated just minutes from Olympia in the heart of the Kamilche Valley.

What tribe is little creek from?

Owned and operated by the Squaxin Island Tribe, Little Creek Casino Resort features nearly 200 luxurious, well-appointed rooms. The Indian-style gaming casino showcases more than 1,000 slot machines and table games, including poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and Texas Hold-Em.

What tribe is in Shelton WA?

The Squaxin Island Indian Reservation is a Native American tribal government in western Washington state in the United States.

Squaxin Island Tribe.

Squaxin Island Indian Reservation
State Washington
County Mason
Negotiated December 26, 1854

Can you visit Squaxin Island?

The island is completely uninhabited and remains in a natural state. Choose from guided trips in kayaks or traditional tribal canoes offered as day trips or overnight, or pick one of the many guided hikes through our lush rain forests and mountain peaks.

What was the purpose of the Medicine Creek Treaty?

The treaty granted 2.24 million acres (9,060;km²) of land to the United States in exchange for establishment of three reservations, cash payments over a period of twenty years, and recognition of traditional native fishing and hunting rights.

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