What lottery is only played in Georgia?

ATLANTA – The Georgia Lottery is introducing an exciting new game that will be available only in Georgia. Jumbo Bucks Lotto with Ca$h Match combines a classic lotto draw game with an instant-win component. The game concept is the first of its kind in Georgia.

Is Jumbo Bucks only in Georgia?

Jumbo Bucks Lotto is a draw game available exclusively in Georgia. The game combines a classic lotto draw game with an instant-win component.

Is Fantasy 5 only in Georgia?

About Fantasy 5. Fantasy 5 is Georgia’s exclusive jackpot game! Jackpots start at $125,000 and grow from there! Plus, with Ca$h Match you can win up to $500 instantly!

What lottery plays in Georgia?

Game Schedule

Game Sun Sat
Cash Pop Night Owl 11:59 p.m. 11:59 p.m.
Fantasy 5 11:34 p.m. 11:34 p.m.
Jumbo Bucks Lotto
Powerball 11:00 p.m.

Which scratch off wins the most in GA?

Top 10 Georgia Lottery Scratch Off Odds

Rank Game Name Overall Odds
1 200X The Money 1 in 2.49
2 Fastest Road to $1,000,000 1 in 2.52
3 Billionaire Club 1 in 2.54
4 Super Money 1 in 2.55
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What gas station sells the most winning lottery tickets in Georgia?

Through an open records request, documents showed where all the winning tickets in middle Georgia were sold in 2019. Warner Robins had two stores with the most wins. The Sunoco/Welcome gas station on Lakeview Road came in with 37 wins, while the P.K. Food Mart on Wellborn Road had 33 wins, according to the report.

How much is Georgia Jumbo Bucks?

Jumbo Bucks LOTTO is Georgia’s own lotto game, cost only a $1 and offers two drawings a week. This classic lotto game has a starting jackpot of $1 million that grows until someone wins.

Do you have to live in Georgia to play the Georgia Lottery online?

I live outside of Georgia. Can I still be a member of the Georgia Lottery Players Club? Anyone age 18 or older may join the Georgia Lottery Players Club. However, you must be a Georgia resident to upgrade your Players Club account to purchase lottery games online or on the mobile app.

Has anyone ever won Jumbo Bucks lotto?

Michael Camp, of Covington, recently came forward as the winner of the $9.6 million jackpot prize from the Feb. 6 Jumbo Bucks Lotto drawing. The winning numbers from the Feb. 6 Jumbo Bucks Lotto drawing were: 2-6-10-18-22-33.

What is the best lottery to play in Georgia?

Fantasy 5 GA, with jackpot odds of one in 850,688, is the best lotto bet you can make in Georgia. Compare that to the jackpot odds of one in 292 million of winning the Powerball lottery or one in 302,575,350 of winning the Mega Millions game! The starting jackpot is $125,000.

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What numbers come up the most in Fantasy 5?

Main Florida Fantasy 5 Numbers Frequency Graph

Numbers Frequency
22 23 131
11 12 130
33 34 130
34 35 128
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