What is a Pick 6 bet?

A pick 6 is a type of wager offered by horse racing tracks. It requires bettors to select the winners of six consecutive races. … There is one “betting interest” for each available combination, and the number of combinations is equal to the product of the number of runners in all six races.

How does pick 6 mandatory payout work?

What is a mandatory pick 6 payout? … On a mandatory pick 6 payout day, the bet must payoff , this means if there are no actually winners of the pick 6, then the closest ticket holder wins or shares the prize pool.

How does a pick 6 carryover work?

A carryover is when no wins occur at the end of a race on a particular wager type – for example, a Pick 4, Pick 5 or Pick 6. … The carryover continues from race to race until a lucky winner or winners collect the prize pool, which can reach millions of dollars.

What is a win 6 bet?

Win 6 is offered on a single meeting and will cover the first six races. Day 6/7 is offered across different meetings and can be run over six or seven legs. For example, if all races take place on a Saturday across more than one meeting then the bet will be referred to as a Saturday 7.

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Why is it called a pick 6?

The term “pick” is short for “picked off”, or in other words, it refers to the interception, whereas the ‘6’ refers to the points you earn while scoring a touchdown. So when you put two and two together, Pick 6 = interception returned for touchdown. … In the event that he scores a touchdown, it will be called a Pick 6.

How much does it cost to play Pick 6?

Pick 6 Betting Costs

At most racetracks, bettors can place a single Pick 6 bet for as little as $2. A single wager allows bettors to make one prediction for each of the six races, which means they need to be perfect to win the bet.

How is pick 6 calculated?

Pick Six Calculator

To figure the cost of the Pick Six, multiply the number of horses in each race. This will be the total if the Pick Six at this track is a $1 wager. Multiply your total times two if the Pick Six is a $2 wager.

How do you win pick 6?

With a Pick 6 bet, you win if you correctly select the winners of six consecutive horse races. Many tracks are now doing this wager in a Jackpot Pick Six format: unless there is one single ticket with the winning horses, a portion of the pool is paid out but the majority carries over to the next day.

What is a Pick 4 horse bet?

What is a Pick 4 bet in horse racing? With a Pick 4 bet, you win if you correctly select the winners of four consecutive horse races.

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How much does a Pick 3 cost in horse racing?

Example: $1.00 Win 3 #1 with / #2, #3 with / #4, #5 cost $4.00. In this example the #1 must win the first leg, the #2 or #3 must win the second leg, and the #4 or #5 must win the third leg.

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