What is a Double Trio bet?

Double trio is when you choose the top 3, in any order, in 2 races. Triple Trio – Triple trio is picking the top 3 horses, in any order, for 3 races. … To win this bet, you need to choose one horse to finish either first or second from all 6 races, and the champagne will be on you.

How does a trio bet work?

TRIO: When you bet three horses for “Trio”, you win if you pick the first, second and third finishers by horse-number in any order. TRIFECTA: When you bet three horses for “Trifecta”, you win if you pick the first, second and third finishers by horse-number in exact order.

What is a Triple Trio bet?

Generally, Triple Trio comprises the 3rd, 4th and 6th race* of each race meeting. 2. Winning combination sould be 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order in three nominated legs.

What is a double sportsbet?

Also known as double result, this is a bet where you must predict the outcome at half time and at full time. Head to Head. A straight two-way competition offered in sports, a head to head bet is simply one team to beat the other (draw option only sometimes offered).

What is a quinella place bet?

Quinella Place means a Bet in which the Backer has to select any two of the first three Placed Horses in a nominated race regardless of the finishing order. The “winning combination” is the selection of any two of the first three Placed Horses.

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How do you place a trio bet?

HOW DO I PLACE A TRIO? Visit the race on the TAB app, TAB.com.au or an EBT, and select “TRIO”. Pick the runners you like and submit your bet.

What is the difference between a trio and a trifecta?

Unlike the Trifecta, where you pick the first three in exact order, the Trio makes it easier – just pick the first 3 in any order and win. And Trio is different to a Box Trifecta too. A 3 runner Trio is 1 bet, whereas a 3 runner Box Trifecta consists of 6 individual bets.

Can you predict horse racing?

You have to predict the percentage chance you think the horse is going to win the race. While this might be tough if you look at the race as a single race, it might be easier if you look at it as 100 different races. … Whatever number you come up with is the percentage chance you think the horse will win.

Is horseracing rigged?

In addition to the accepted rigging, horse races are not infrequently rigged by outsiders, using bribes, drugs or other tactics to influence the outcomes. In some jurisdictions, notably Hong Kong, there is strong effort to combat rigging, and races are relatively honest. The UK is not as good, but better than the US.

How does a daily double pay?

The Daily Double is an exotic wager as well, but it takes place over two races. And the basic gist of it is that you have to pick two consecutive winners at the same track. If both of the horses that you pick win, you win the bet.

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