What does the key do on the IGT slot machine?

How do I reset my IGT slot machine?

It is normally about two-thirds up from the bottom of the machine. Insert the Jackpot Reset Key into the keyhole. Turn the key ONLY ONE-QUARTER TURN TO THE RIGHT! This will reset the machine, and once you close the main slot machine door, you will be ready to resume play.

How do you reset a slot machine?

Follow Us: To reset a slot machine, open the service panel, locate the jackpot compartment, insert the jackpot key, and turn it slightly to the right. This 5-minute procedure requires the service panel key, the jackpot compartment key and a flashlight.

How do I identify my IGT slot machine?

You can identify these by the long meter to the left of the reel glass, the serial number is seven numbers on the side or you may notice that these machines are capable of taking multiple denominations ($. 25 or $. 50) there reel glass will show these markings.

What are the pictures on a slot machine called?

Video Slots – A video slot machine has a picture of reels on the screen, like a video game. You won’t find any actual reels inside the cabinet of a video slots game.

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Is there any way to tell when a slot machine is about to hit?

You can’t tell when a slot machine is about to hit. It’s impossible. That’s the nature of the machine.

What does it mean when a slot machine is hot?

For example, if the slot machine has been paying out frequently, or if the players have been winning at a specific table, someone else might refer to those tables or machines as hot.

How do you reset a big chance slot machine?

Look for the odds meter on the inside of the door. It will display a number from 1 to 6. The loosest odds are denoted by 6. Press the button next to the meter repeatedly to reset this number to the one you want.

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