What does 0 5 over mean in betting?

Over 0.5 goals in a match mean that 1 or more goals are required to win the bet, and 0 goals mean the bet loses. The over 0.5 goals market applies to 90-minute matches (plus additional time) but does not include extra time.

What does home over 0.5 mean?

Home Over 0.5 means the individual total goals of hosts more than zero point five. This forecast in a betting shop is made that hosts in a selected match will score more than 0.5 goals.

What does away under 0.5 mean?

Away Under 0.5 means individual Under 0.5 of guests.

It means the bet that guests will score less than 0.5 balls/points in a match regardless of the outcome of a match itself. Since it’s impossible to score a half-ball, the actual Away Under 0.5 bet provides for absence of goals from a guests team.

What is .5 in sports betting?

“What does -5 mean in sports betting?” Whenever you see a team with a (-) negative number next to them, (-5 in this case), it means that team is favored to win by that number of points. The number after the matchup (41) is the projected total points to be scored by both teams added together.

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What is over 2.5 in betting?

The over 2.5 goals market means that you are betting that the total number of goals scored during the match plus stoppage time will be over 2.5. You will win only if both teams score three or more goals during the game. … If the game’s score is 1-1, 0-0, or 1-0, you will lose the bet.

What does under 5.5 goals mean?


A bet on Under 5.5 Goals is a bet on there been less that 6 goals scored in a football match, so any amount of goals up to 5. So results like 0-0, 1-0, 5-0, 4-1, or 3-2 would all be Under 5.5 Goals. On the betslip you will get two options.

What does over 0.75 goals mean?

Over 0.75 means the total goals is more than zero seventy five. This bet is the forecast with the Asian total. In this case, the amount is divided into two equal parts, each of which relates to its total: Over 0.5 and Over 1. Winning: Both parts of the Over 0.75 bet will win if at least 2 goals are scored in a match.

What does over 0.5 cards mean?

Over 0.5 means the bet on total goals more than zero point five. It’s a forecast in a betting shop that at least one goal will be scored in a chosen sport event. Otherwise, we can talk about losing a bet.

What does over 3.5 goals mean?

Over 3.5 goals means that at the end of the football match the game must have had 4 or more goals scored for the bet to have won, and similar if you bet on under 3.5 goals, the game would have to have ended with under 4 goals for you to have won.

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What does it mean when a team is +5?

This Simply means that the home is the favourite to win. So any you need to stake multiple of -5 to win. For instance if Team A is given -5.5 you need to stake $5.5 to win 1$

How do you play point spread?

The favorite in a game is listed as being minus (-) the point spread. The worse of the teams playing in the game is called the underdog. The bettor wins if this team wins the game outright or loses by an amount smaller than the point spread. The underdog in a game is listed as being plus (+) the point spread.

WHAT IS A in betting?

In terms of the spread, the ” – ” always refers to the favorite and the ” + ” always refers to the underdog. For example, you can bet the Dallas Cowboys as a -7 point favorite to beat the Green Bay Packers or the Packers as a +7 point underdog.

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