What are the odds of winning the poppy lottery?

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Charity No 219279

How much of poppy lottery goes to charity?

We spend £301,600 on prizes over the course of a year, 4.3% of the money raised.

How does the poppy lottery work?

How it works. The weekly Poppy Lottery takes place each Friday when 400 winning numbers are drawn at random. Cheques are automatically sent to winners in the post. There is a special quarterly draw with more prizes to win and jackpots of £20,000.

What lotteries are there in UK?

The most popular lotteries in the UK are :

  • Lotto, which was formerly known as the National Lottery.
  • Lotto Millionaire Raffle.
  • EuroMillions.
  • Millionaire Maker.
  • Thunderball.
  • The Health Lottery.
  • HotPicks.
  • The Postcode Lottery.

How do you play the Macmillan lottery?

How it works

  1. Choose how many weekly entries you want, fill in your details.
  2. Each chance to win costs £1. We’ll generate your lottery number(s) and confirm your entry by post.
  3. We’ll send you a cheque if you win! You can also check online to see if you’re a lucky winner.
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