What are the odds of hitting 3 times in blackjack?

What are the odds of getting blackjack 3 times in a row?

Odds of getting a blackjack are roughly 4/13*1/13*2 so the chances of that happening 3 times in a row are about 1 in 10,000 and the chances of getting 5 in a row are about 1 in 4,200,000.

What are your odds of winning at blackjack?

According to my blackjack appendix 4, the probability of an overall win in blackjack is 42.22%, a tie is 8.48%, and a loss is 49.10%. I’m going to assume you wish to ignore ties for purposes of the streak. In that case, the probability of a win, given a resolved bet, is 46.36%.

What are the odds of getting two blackjacks in a row?

So the chance your NEXT two hands dealt are both blackjack, is 4.8%^2 or 0.23%. But if you look at that in context, the chance to get a pair of consecutive naturals during 100 hands played, is about 20%.

How are odds calculated in blackjack?

The probability formula we use is the same, however, no matter how many decks are in play.

  1. The probability of a blackjack with two decks is (8/104) * (32/103) * 2 = 0.0479 * 100 = 4.77%
  2. The probability of a blackjack with four decks is (16/208) * (64/207) * 2 = 0.0475 * 100 = 4.75%
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What game has the best odds in a casino?

The Three Best Casino Games to Play

  • Blackjack’s Odds of Winning: 49%
  • Craps’ Odds of Winning: Nearly 50 Percent.
  • Roulette’s Odds of Winning: Nearly 50%
  • Big Six Wheel/Wheel of Fortune: Odds of Winning: 26% – 39%
  • Slots: Odds of Winning Around 1 in 49,836,032.
  • Poker: Odds Vary Dramatically.

What are the odds of losing 9 blackjack hands in a row?

What about other length losing streaks?

Probability of losing n hands in a row, ignoring pushes.
n Probability One in
7 losses 1.1% 90
8 losses 0.59% 170
9 losses 0.31% 323

How do I increase my chances of winning blackjack?


  1. Play games with liberal playing rules.
  2. Learn the basic playing strategy.
  3. Use a strategy card.
  4. Avoid making the insurance wager.
  5. Ignore your fellow players.
  6. Avoid progressive strategies.
  7. Don’t believe you are due to win.
  8. Don’t play on tables that use a continuous shuffler.
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