Quick Answer: What Ford does James Bond drive in Casino Royale?

However, there was a reason 007 was driving the Ford Mondeo in Casino Royale and it only makes things worse.

Who owns the original James Bond car?

Cars and trucks

Film Vehicle Owner
Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 (1964) MI6
Rolls-Royce Phantom III (1937) Auric Goldfinger
Ford Mustang (1964) Tilly Masterton
Mercedes-Benz 190 (1956) Auric Goldfinger

Did M die in Skyfall?

Skyfall marked Dench’s seventh appearance as M, where she is targeted by former MI6 agent Raoul Silva, whom she turned over to the Chinese in order to save six other agents. She is shot and killed in the film, making her the only M to die in the Eon Bond films.

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