How was Bond poisoned Casino Royale?

During the long poker game at Casino Royale, Bond realises that he has been poisoned by Le Chiffre. He leaves the poker table, takes a salt shaker and a glass from a nearby dining table and rushes to the bathroom. There he pours the salt in some water and drinks it so he would vomit and get the poison out of his body.

Why did James Bond drink salt in Casino Royale?

Bond downs a glass of salted water once realizing he is being poisoned to induce vomiting. The reason he does this is to hope to clear his systems of the poison, which was we know doesn’t work, which forces him to stumble to his car in order to restart his heart.

How was James Bond tortured?

The villain Le Chiffre tortured James Bond in Casino Royale (2006) by striking Bond’s exposed testicles several times with the large knotted end of a thick rope. , I’ve read every book, seen every film and documentary.

Why did Vesper kill herself?

Vesper killed herself because she knew she was wrong. She had betrayed her country and Bond by channeling the terrorist’s money for them and by killing herself she ended that investigation into her crimes there.

Why does Mr White kill Le Chiffre?

White enters with a silenced pistol aimed at Le Chiffre. Though Le Chiffre tries to reason with White by telling him that he will get the money back, White kills him because Quantum can no longer trust him anyway. Ironically, this action saves the life of MI6 agent James Bond, who will become Quantum’s main enemy.

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Is Rene Mathis a bad guy?

Mathis doesn’t completely change. He’s a reliable and loyal asset in Casino Royale and he’s still a reliable and loyal asset in Quantum of Solace, despite Bond falsely accusing him of treason and MI6 torturing him.

How did Vesper betray Bond?

1 Answer. Vesper’s initial mission from the organization (later found out to be Quantum) was not to steal the money, but to sabotage Bond. The Organization ‘kidnapped’ Vesper’s boyfriend in order to blackmail her in exchange for his life, for which her mission was to ruin Bond’s chances of winning.

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