How much did it cost to build L’Auberge Casino?

The $368 million price tag, does not include land costs and capitalized interest.

When was L’Auberge casino built?

The property sits on 242 acres with a total of approximately 770,000 square feet. Construction began early September, 2003 with an opening date of May 26, 2005. In February 2008, L’Auberge debuted a 250-room tower expansion and The Shops At L’Auberge. Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc.

Can you smoke in Lake Charles casinos?

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – Now that Shreveport has passed its Comprehensive Smoke-Free Policy Tuesday, Lake Charles is the last major city in the state that allows smoking in bars and casinos.

Is L’Auberge casino on a boat?

this casino is actually a boat– one of the largest single-level riverboat casinos in the US. Not to worry, the casino is part of the building structure and never leaves the massive tub where it floats at all times.

How do you pronounce L’Auberge in French?

noun, plural au·berges [oh-bair-zhiz; French oh-berzh].

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