Best answer: How do I link my random dice account?

Please log-in with either Google Play or Game Center depends on your device. 2. Go through the [Menu – Settings – Link Account] to proceed with account link. Once you have linked your account, you can easily recover your account even though you lost it.

Sign into your Dice account, click your name in the header menu, and select Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and click Delete Your Account and follow the prompts.

How do you reset progress on random dice?

You can find the store on the Bottom Left corner on the Main Screen. The shop resets Daily (can be reset once by watching an advertisement) and will give you 6 Items that can be bought: First Item can be Free Gold, Free Box or Free Gems.

What is the best combination for random dice?

Random Dice Best Deck List For PvP

  • Iron + M.E. + Moon/Lunar + Growth + Joker.
  • Typhoon + Atomic + Flow + Growth + Joker.
  • M.E. + Assassin + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker.
  • Gear + Critical + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker.
  • Typhoon + Hell + Blizzard + Growth + Joker.
  • Iron + Thorn + Blizzard + Growth + Joker.
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Can you trade in random dice?

Game Account Trading

However, buying, selling and sharing a game account for Random Dice violates the Terms of Service, and Random Dice never approves it. … Please stay away from account trades and please report if witness such actions in order to prevent false plays!

How do you switch accounts on random dice?

Changing your profile

  1. Open the Google Play Games app on your Android device.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top navigation bar.
  3. Tap the email displayed under your username.
  4. Select a different account or add another.

How do you get rid of dice?

To delete your profile you can click the MyResume tab at the top of your MyDice Welcome page. From here select your resume and click Delete to the right. If you would like to remove your complete Dice account, please email us at with your Dice Userid email.

How does random dice work?

Random Dice is a PvP and PvE Tower Defense. In PvP you find yourself fighting against a random opponent with similar amount of trophies. When in PvE you find yourself playing with a random ally with any amount of trophies against enemies, which come in waves.

What is the Royal Premium Pass on random dice?

Purchasing a Royal Premium Pass allows you to receive additional rewards when you collect trophies through PvP Mode until 3,200 trophies. You can glance over which additional rewards can be collected from Premium Pass by checking the bottom side of the Trophy Achievement reward screen.

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How do you get the legendary in random dice?

The easiest way to collect Legendary Dice is to claim it from the trophy reward or Card Chest. We encourage you to collect as many trophy and card from our game so that you can have more chances to obtain Legendary Dice!

How do you get trophies on random dice?

When you win PvP games, you will gain trophies which allow you to achieve a higher rank. Winning while having a win streak ongoing will give you additional trophies. After 10000 trophies, you will gain Golden Trophy instead of normal trophies. The Golden Trophy and the rewards after it will be reset when a season ends.

How do I download random dice for PC?

How to Download and Play Random Dice: PvP Defense on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Look for Random Dice: PvP Defense in the search bar at the top right corner.
  3. Click to install Random Dice: PvP Defense from the search results.
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